Kids - (MGMT)

This girl took a good song and made it amazing. If you like this, check her out at http://www.jaymedee.com.


Beautiful braids

My favourite hairstyle on long hair. These photos are from an Alexander Wang runway shoot.

unknown, stardust and sequins


Smitten with Bambi

As my friends could probably tell you, I’m obsessed with bushy dark eyebrows. SO naturally, Bambi is my icon and I think she looks beautiful here.

Pamela Love can do no wrong

I know Pamela Love’s talon cuff is everywhere but I just can’t get enough of it.
jak & jil

Obsessing over Céline

Harley Viera-Newton. Lace Dress. Summer. Coachella. Sunnies. Yellow Céline nano luggage bag!!!
le fashion

Coachella + Kate

knight cat

Wang's apartment

And we begin….
A well deserving bloke for my first images posted!
w magazine


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First post...

Although I am a ritualistic blog reading enthusiast, I have always said I would NEVER create one of my own. And yet, here I am, hypocritically doing the unthinkable. However, my saved images are taking up too much space on my macbook to not be shared with others…

And so, to all the other anti bloggers out there, I bring you, the snogger. x